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What Is Your Tradition For the Big Game?

The biggest sporting event of the year is here with Super Bowl LII (#52 for Roman numeral-deficient types). But is the “excitement” for the clash of the Patriots and Eagles and the great game, or is it excitement for the big party you’re attending and the funny new ads with your favorite celebs? 

Or, is it the storied halftime show what you tune in for, which can outscore the game in views? Katie Perry‘s half time show garnered more viewers than the game itself in Super bowl #49. This year’s half time show stars Justin Timberlake – yikes! This might be the lamest act since Up with People dominated the halftime in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. (I know I may not be the watchtower of popular music – I missed the entire Seattle Grunge thing – but Justin Timberlake?)

I guess I feel a little sheepish because I actually like watching the game – I don’t get wound up in all the supplementary distractions. It’s rare that I put aside three-plus hours to watch football, so when I do, I like to see it. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for a Super bowl ticket at the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and then not watching the action on the field.

While the Super Bowl TV audience grows and half of the country turns on the broadcast at some point, how many are really paying attention to the game?  What is your Super bowl M.O. Do you care about the action in the field, or all the Super bowl trimmings?

Image by Erik Drost via Flickr Creative Commons

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