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5 Signs It's Time To Clean Your Closet

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You are not your stuff, and yet…your stuff surrounds and influences how you move in the world. Your stuff even affects how you feel about yourself. Your closet is an intimate space where you go each day (unless it’s so full you can’t), and though seemingly small, it’s a daily spot you encounter that impacts your mood and well-being.

You stash things in your closet that represent the many sides you wish to convey of yourself—professional, comfortable, bold. But who you are changes. You grow. And so, an annual inventory of your closet can help you refresh and re-imagine the life you are working toward.  

Here are the top five signs it might be a good time to reassess and clean your closet. 

  1. You can’t find anything to wear. Perhaps you have laundry baskets strewn throughout your house, or you’re literally sleeping amongst stacks of clothes in your room. Or maybe your drawers, cubbies and racks are so full you can’t find anything to wear. What irony! Take this as a sign that it’s time to organize your closet.
  1. You have something else you need to do but can’t get yourself motivated to do it. This Is a personal favorite. Nothing inspires me to clean more than having a project where I feel uninspired. I can ignore messes just fine if I don’t have something else pressing to do, but all the sudden when I’m struggling with a specific task, it seems urgent to resolve all the clutter in my sight.

         There is good psychology in taking a break when you feel stalled, too. Do             something else productive and that gets you moving. Solve another issue,             a small one within your control like your closet, and give your brain a fresh             start once you return to that pesky thing you avoided initially.

  1. Make room for something new. It really has never failed that when I remove clutter, opportunities appear. By removing the weight of stuff you no longer need, even in the small area like your closet, you provide a space for something new to come to you.
  1. Seasonal change. For those of us who live in the Midwest, spring is a trigger that it’s time to clean and prepare for opening windows and wearing lighter clothes. Longer days and more sun spark the urge to order things, too, so you can put away those heavy coats and make way for jackets—and then no need for coats at all!
  1. Dream of what’s possible. As you review your clothes, you might realize that you’ve gone down or up a size. Let this organizing session refresh you in your personal goal to drop that weight, if that was on your agenda. Or maybe, just maybe, you want your clothes to represent a current state of who you feel you are or what you wish to exude—more colorful, more adventurous, more fun.

         Step back and evaluate what to keep in your closet, and make sure what               you have ready to wear reflects who you aspire to be. If you need to get                 beyond some self-talk issues about sorting and tossing, check out this                   great post over at The Simplicity Habit where 22 decluttering lies and truths           are addressed. My favorite was the one about rethinking what we give                   away versus just accepting it may be ready for the trash. 


Your tastes change, fashion changes, and—most importantly—you change, so let what greets you in your closet help set the tone as you move forward! Go ahead and haul it all out and put back only those items that encourage and inspire you to feel and look your best. And once you're done cleaning please check out Storied Gifts Shop to add something to freshen up your wardrobe and encourage you. 

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