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Pssst We're Starting A Journaling Group For Those Who Journal Or Want To

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A few weeks ago, I posted the idea of creating a journaling group on Facebook, and the feedback was encouraging! So, we’re going to forge ahead. The official name will be Life Journaling Group, and will be devoted to talk about multiple concepts and ideas related to journaling.


But what is “life journaling?” Isn’t all journaling about someone’s life by definition? Sure, you could say that. Our focus for the group leverages life in general, yes, but also the purposes your journaling for and the impact you want it to HAVE on your life. Is your journal writing a source of catharsis? A place to complain? A space to tell stories? Or is it bent toward creative writing?

Did you catch the writing theme here?


What it is and why you journal is personal, but there are some common things. Here are a few ways people we know use journaling:

  • In search of peace of mind – spirited writing of thoughts on anything that is on your mind, even the stuff you don’t know is on your mind.
  • To record daily activities – maybe you want to track your activities as a record for later, or summarize your thoughts about what is going on in your life.
  • To organize – the things you need to do, the goals you’re striving for, and how your daily activities align with what you envision.

This graph highlights the many ways you might use life journaling. It needn’t be only one reason why, either—yours might be any combination of these purposes.

reasons to journal your life


We will use both the Facebook and Meetup platforms to get started with spreading the word of the group, as well as providing information in blog posts on Storied Gifts and Storied Gifts Shop where we’ll collaborate to share thoughts and questions about journaling.

We’ll talk writing—the kind of free-flow, let-it-leak spilling of words that ultimately gets you all the benefits of organizing your thoughts and creating content that serves the purpose of journaling you need.

We will explore journaling of other kinds, too, like the lists or bullet variety, the creative writing that inspires you to do the re-writing kind of writing, and even art journaling you craft and share.

There will be themes and journaling prompts, each meant to inspire you to take a few and really “think” while writing it out.

In this group, people can talk about the tactile pleasure of writing, too—the paper they prefer, the journaling books they like, and favorite pens or pencils, etc. Creative journaling ideas are welcome.

Although we may focus on “brain dump” writing, we also invite all forms of journaling, from those who bullet to those who doodle, as well as those who craft beautiful pages that are truly works of art. The goal is to raise attention to life journaling and encourage everyone to journal.

Are you ready to join us?

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