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  • Take a Creative Leap in 17-Syllables

    This has been the season of a personal creative renaissance, likely kicked in by a sudden surplus of time along with aging. These activities have renewed my realization that doing something creative can be of value for everyone. In a life where most of our daily routine focuses on keeping home and hearth going, creating art of any kind permits our brain to test boundaries and explore the new.

  • The 17-Syllable Sentence Workshop

    It's what Allen Ginsberg coined "the American sentence." Discard for a moment your surprise or curiosity that it be "American," per se. It's a remarkable exercise, and one we wanted to share with you!

    There was some science to how Ginsberg came to craft this exercise, of course. You can read about the history via the link below, but FIRST take a look at this event we've built around it!