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What Do Your Clothes Say About You? And Do You Care?

What do you clothes say about you and do you care sherry in over 50 tshirt

Whether a fulltime occupation or an afterthought, when you adorn your body in clothing you are revealing something underneath. Each of us engages in creativity by the apparel we choose to wear. It’s our frame around the canvas of our bodies, displaying our feelings, tastes and aspirations.

Although I don’t own them, I’m sure leather jackets and boots make the wearer feel badass, while the lacy gown transforms the wearer into feeling like a princess. Special-occasion garments have that power, but even our day-to-day clothes serve as a constant companion. Every time we catch a glimpse in the mirror, our clothes offer a vignette of what we think of ourselves (or what we wish to convey).

In my case, most of the time I strive to feel comfortable and give a casual, authentic vibe. I pay close attention to camouflaging abdominal ebb and flow, but try to pull off the “cool older chick with a splash of Bohemian,” which mostly means I wear t-shirts and jeans.

If you’re interested in taking an engaging survey to see what your clothing choices may reveal about your personality, check out one over at 1 Million Tests and see if you agree with what the score says about you.

No matter your personal statement goals, however, here at Storied Gifts Shop we cater to those who wish to have clothes and items around them that inspire and help them connect with others who seek inspiration, too.


There would be those who might say my clothing selections reveal I don’t much care about the message I send out to others. I’d counter with the notion that I demonstrate more interest than others, putting me somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. For example, there were those air passengers I discovered on my recent trip who wore flip flops and pajama bottoms as they trudged through the airport bubble. That segment seemed especially focused on comfort more than a concern for how they were perceived. No judgement, though, since air flight can be uncomfortable enough.

Over at The Points Guy, Michael Y. Park offers up his impressions of what travelers reveal through their attire in his post, “What Your Clothes Say About You When You Fly.” Park describes the casual, colorful, extrovert—which seems to be my space—and offers an opinion on the flip flop contingent as well.

People watching is an exciting way to decipher messaging through fashion, and it’s fun to conjecture the backstory of fellow travelers in the microcosm of the airport. I’d probably find it an enjoyable activity even if I didn’t have a destination.

But this surprising pastime doesn’t have to be limited to the airport. As I dug into several articles exploring what bloggers are saying these days about fashion and personality, I considered the topic on a recent walk through the skywalks of downtown Des Moines.

What I found is that attorneys and insurance executives still tend to wear suits, which was the choice more than 15 years ago when I worked in the corporate world. However, professional dress has expanded to include not just “business casual” but jeans and t-shirts as well.

The workplace is still a space where attire speaks loudly about the culture, but the rules have changed with the increase of virtual workers and tech services. Whether the look is a polished professional suit or t-shirts, jeans and tattoos, we are revealing information about ourselves and striving to form bonds with those who identify with our message.


As it relates to our text-driven t-shirts at Storied Gifts Shop, the aspect of connection had been theory up until this moment. I’ve been rather absent in outside activities while caring for my toddler grandson, but whenever there is a comment or inquiry about a shirt I’m wearing, I am thrilled.

I was especially astounded when such an interaction took place on the city streets while in Lima, Peru this month. I was walking along behind my daughter, sister-in-law and friend on the busy sidewalks in the Miraflores District when a woman approached and inquired about what was on my shirt. I was wearing a green T which featured the phrase, “Over 50 and Invincible/NOT invisible.”

I thought her question particularly interesting given that my purse strap was blocking the text, AND my prior experiences in Lima lead me to believe that English wasn’t as widespread as it was in more touristy sites. This woman was clearly a local, and she spoke with genuine curiosity about my shirt.

I turned and shifted my strap and began to explain, but she was miles ahead of me and said, “Oh, 50 and invincible. Yes!” And there we were, two ladies in the midst of a crowd, clearly celebrating our over-50 status with momentary pumping of fists and a pair of “woots” before we each merged back into our lanes of foot traffic.

It was almost a perfect moment, if only I had taken more time to chat and perhaps asked to take a picture with her. We women over 50 need to stand and stick together in our invincibility.


I love the phrase and really appreciate how my daughter Alexandra has weaved together “invincible” and “not invisible” in the graphic design. And given my recent on-the-street experience, it isn’t the last word for this killer phrase, which will be featured in other designs and pieces for 2020 in a special collection. Be sure to look for it!

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