Bessie Coleman, Aviator History Hero Cutout

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If you find yourself feeling uninspired and perhaps a bit misdirected at times, look to history for a kick in the pants. Here at Storied Gifts Shop we’re launching a series of printables called #historyherocutouts meant to give you a creative and beautiful boost of encouragement.

Meet our first history hero named Bessie Coleman who became the first African American female aviator in the United States during the 1920s. Bessie didn’t let roadblocks such as racism or sexism stand in the way of realizing her dream.

Born in the late 1800s to parents who worked as sharecroppers in the south, Bessie decided she wanted to fly airplanes. Her brothers laughed at the idea, but she kept to her vision and found a way.

Bessie learned that if she traveled from the U.S. to France, she could enter an aviation program there and learn to fly. The only hurdle was she had to learn French to complete the applications. Bessie became an aviator, a daredevil air performer, and worked to encourage others to strive for their goals, too.

This history hero cut out is specially designed for Storied Gifts Shop by artist David Borzo. The figure is drawn from a composite from period images of Bessie. The art is designed so that you can apply the figure to a firm piece of cardboard and cut it out to create your history hero cutout.

Enjoy your history hero cutout of Bessie Coleman and channel her tenacity in your life as you reach for your goals. #channelyourhistoryhero