Birthday Greeting You're Young and Old

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More than a birthday greeting card, this is an invitation to spark conversation and storytelling. When you purchase this card for your collection you'll receive a card ready-made for sending a note and asking for a story in reply. (We'll even include the stamp for the card that comes back to you! 
This gift says more than Happy Birthday. It tells the recipient that you care to spark conversation with something precious and rare...real mail in the mailbox!
  • Front Message: Happy Birthday, with whimsical flower and leaf design
  • Inside Message: Today is the oldest you've been. And the youngest you'll ever be again. Happy Birthday!
  • Post Card Question: What is your earliest memory?
  • Contents: 1 tri-fold card with corresponding envelope. One fold is perforated to detach and turns into postcard which includes postage!
  • Size: 5x7
  • Process
  • Envelope: White, recycled paper
  • Vendor: Storied Gifts Greeting
  • SG Gretting item #: 1