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Connect the Thoughts Printable Worksheet

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We've created this Connect-the-Thoughts Worksheet to help you process your feelings and thoughts behind them.

Use the sheet to identify the thought you are currently thinking. The thoughts list is general, so you can find one which applies. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How true is this thought?
  • What event triggered the thought?  
  • Can you rephrase the thought so it is more accurate? For example, "I'm not good enough." can be flipped to "I'm good at many things, not as strong as this, and worthy of treating myself well."  
  • If you thought another thought, how does that change your feelings?

Thoughts are abbreviated stories. Over time, we create these placeholder stories and often repeat them out of habit. Unfortunately, our thoughts are often inaccurate or, at least incomplete. They still stick, though, because they're familiar, and we created them in the first place.

Our thoughts gin up the feelings that impact our quality of life. We act based on these feelings from the internal stories we tell.

When wrapped up in our feelings, especially painful ones, we lose sight that feelings are not who we are and are not permanent. 

Unchecked feelings like persisting sadness and resentment can become moods that linger into funks, including depression.   

It takes practice to figure out what thoughts are leading to what feelings, and sometimes it isn't easy to recognize what you're feeling in the first place. 


Take a breath and a moment to be an objective detective of your thoughts.