Heirloom Story Tags

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Stuff is just stuff unless it has purpose and meaning. And antiques won’t matter to the next generation unless you tell them why the meaning is and why they should care.

We live in times when minimalism is in vogue, and for good reason. We are buried in things that clutter our spaces and heads.

But history, especially our family history, matters. It’s the foundation on which we understand our place and the life lessons that have been hard-won in the past.

Prevent heirloom objects from becoming trash fodder by recording their stories, so that those who acquire them will understand their value. Use these printable Heirloom Story Tags to quickly document the significant details of objects you know are treasures!

The tags feature the essential questions you’ll want to answer to make the case that the item has a value that’s priceless.

How to Use Heirloom Tags

  1. Purchase the download of Heirloom Story Tags on this page.
  2. Print on 8.5x11 paper on your home printer: be sure to select the double-sided print option. We also recommend using a slightly heavier cardstock if you’re comfortable running it through your printer. This way the tags will be sturdier.
  3. Get in your crafty mode and cut out the tags using the dotted lines as your guide. There are 2 tags fitted for one sheet of paper. Either use a sharp tool or hole punch to create the hole at the top of the tag. You can lace a piece of string or yarn through the hole for easy attachment of the tag to your object. But if tying the tag isn’t an option or your preference, use adhesive or tape instead.
  4. Write as much info as you know about the item on your tag.
  5. Attach your Heirloom Story Tag to your treasured piece.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping the family history alive!

Printable Heirloom Tags are easy and affordable. Purchase the download once – and reuse it for as many items as you want!