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It’s a thing (and feel free to disagree with me) but I’ve never understood people who lament about how busy their life is. When people speak of the many things they are doing, it’s as if they are complaining about a full life.

This isn’t to say that people aren’t busy. We are all often meeting the needs of many and juggling numerous responsibilities. If you are caring for children, elders, holding down a job, volunteering in your community, dealing with health issues, and so on, you do have a full plate. But it is the perspective of busy and what it represents that seems lost in the shuffle.

If someone is responsible for others, doesn’t that reflect they are fortunate to have people in their lives who they care for and who care for them? Could busy with work equate to having a job while others do not? When someone volunteers, that reveals they have the spirit and abilities to share with others who are more in need.

Flipping busy from a place of obligations to an exercise of choice is empowering. If you have options for what you choose that keep you busy, you have some control, which is heady stuff.
I think about options a lot when I hear the terrible stories of people suffering misfortune. Life hits us all, and in many cases our options dwindle. In the end, sometimes, the only option we may have left is how we choose to feel.

So when life is busy, when you have more options and paths to select and participate in, well, that actually sounds good. By embracing a busy life as a life filled with options, it’s possible to feel grateful and even see that messy and hectic days are something to celebrate.

What are your options, and how are you exercising them?

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