Ignaz Semmelweis Says Wash Your Hands Poster

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Shout the message loud and clear that you are a proponent of science and reasoned thinking with this splashy poster featuring the father of antiseptic technique, Ignaz Semmelweis.

  • Printed on museum-quality, thick and durable matte paper the poster will withstand standard wear and tear if you move it from one place to another.
  • The poster features a custom drawn image of Ignaz doing what we think everyone should do and what you prefer which is to wash their hands!
  • This vivid poster will serve as a beacon of your enlightenment to all who view it in your space. You are a person who values science and knows some history, too.
  • A not so subtle “in-your-face” message to any science naysayers who may visit your dwelling and maul your stuff with their dirty hands. Ewww.

Ignaz was all about doctors washing their hands (such a rebel) before touching other patients. This was a novel idea in the mid-1800s.

Through the process of critical thinking Ignaz reasoned that if doctors washed their hands thoroughly and disinfected them, they were less likely to spread disease.

Dirty hands spread dirt doesn't sound like much of a revelation today, but it was a big deal discovery by this physician who practiced in the Viennese General Hospital before germs were discovered.

And just like today there were those who didn’t want to accept Ignaz’ theory because it rattled their ego cage. (We spread germs and cause illness) They preferred to stick with their opinions even in the face of evidence.

People can be obstinate that way, but not you because you show off Ignaz and support science and certainly washing hands.

Purchase this poster and let Ignaz illuminate your brilliance. If you want the more of the story of Ignaz you can check out our post on Storied Gifts.

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