Ignaz Semmelweis says, Wash Your Hands Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

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This soft unisex t-shirt has just the right amount of stretch to assure you’ll feel comfortable and look good! Not only is the fit flattering for both men and women, the shirt delivers a compelling message, stating that you are a person of interest, taste, and good hygiene. It’s both delightful and informative.

Designed with our custom illustration, Ignaz Semmelweis – the father of antiseptic technique – will garner attention in a good way, sparking conversation with friends and acquaintances with banter about the history of Ignaz and handwashing.

Not sure clean is a sexy topic of conversation in your circles? That’s where the details of Ignaz come in handy. You can regale friends with the story of how Ignaz discovered the critical benefits of handwashing for doctors in the mid-1800s. And then share that his contemporaries labeled him radical, even though his theory proved correct.

Then throw in a bit about how dirty those doctor’s hands were back then, as they performed autopsies and then turned with those same gross hands to examine their patients! Watch people squirm with fascination.

Does this naysaying of science sound familiar? It’s like we’re still living in the dark ages, with people not believing the world is round since the pandemic hit. However, you can be a beacon of light by wearing this shirt showing your intellectual prowess and that you are:
• A person who goes in with science
• A person who prefers not to be dirty, dirty.
• And someone who has a clean sense of humor.
Just remember, we live in crazy times when denying science and disavowing germs has become a thing. Who would have thought being clean would be controversial!

And as t-shirts go, this one will wear well, plus you’ll feel comfy because each shirt is pre-shrunk so that it will fit the same after each wash. And the tear-away label and side-seamed construction assure that your shirt is both comfortable and sewn to last.

Wearing your Ignaz says t-shirt will permit you to toss around interesting current health factoids, too. For example, did you know that only 5% of people wash their hands adequately? And how about the fact that 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch.
And then, for good measure, note that even healthy people have Staphylococcus aureus floating around in their nose, mouth, and elsewhere. You’ll be the life of the party if you mention this stuff! You don’t have to be a germaphobe freak to want clean hands, just an advocate of healthy living. Nothing wrong in that.

If you want more information about Ignaz, you can check out another post here at our shop and also over at Storied Gifts.

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