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"Keep Calm" Magnets With Every Trick in the Book

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As moods come and go. Remember you are much more than the emotion of the moment. Sometimes just a little acknowledgement of a mood—or a cup of coffee to wash it down—helps you move on. 

These colorful magnets rally you to keep calm with a dose of humor.The button shape of the magnet design provides a pop of color and whim that will catch your eye and remain an attractive splash on the face of your fridge. The plastic-domed coating on top of the image preserves the vivid colors and design featured on the magnet, assuring it will withstand the wear-and-tear of use for years to come.

We all have go-to comforts that help us along. These are the bits of joy that remind us that it is wonderful to take pleasure in the details of life and give our calming moments a pause.

Do you write? Snuggle your cat? Or do you eat a piece of chocolate? Stop, take a moment and savor it. You are alive and connected to your life through the little moments.

All of these magnets embrace the British phrase "Keep Calm" and add a funny flourish. Give yourself a nod when you spot one of them on your fridge or other metal surface and be kind to yourself!

The perfect sentiments for your every mood, these Keep Calm magnets are not available in brick-and-mortar stores. 


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