Usable and Confusable Color-Lined Coffee Mug, Verbigeration

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If you fancy words, you’ll appreciate the wordplay in the micro-story featuring a favorite Usable and Confusable word: Verbigeration.

Do you feel the pangs from an onslaught of those who speak nonsense? Take solace that you are a cut above as you sip from this aesthetically pleasing color-rimmed ceramic cup featuring “Verbigeration,” then give the nod in their general direction.

Additional benefits of your verbigeration mug include:

  • Reflect your word nerd prowess: Show off your wordy-nerdy self as you meander about with the verbigeration mug, and you’re sure to impress.
  • Turn your cup into a word game: Spark conversation about what verbigeration means. Can you garner a meaning based on how it sounds?
  • Sturdy and mighty: You’ll enjoy your verbigeration cup for many years because it is microwave and dishwasher safe!

Don’t hoard the verbigeration cup to yourself, either. This word-enticing mug makes a great gift for the word enthusiasts in your life.