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Nellie Bly History Hero Cutout

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This image of Nellie Bly features the ensemble designed and sewn for her around the world trip in 1889.  Her goal was to beat the character Phileas Fogg’s journey from the book “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne.

Nellie was the first, and reportedly only woman to take on the quest to beat the time, which she did in 72 days. In addition to her special suit made for the journey, Nellie carried a 17-by-16-inch bag which held EVERYHING she used for her travels. For a lady of Victorian times wearing skirts, corsets and other undergarments, this would have been quite an accomplishment!

The drawing presents a version of Nellie from a famous photo of her decked in her suit carrying her smart little suitcase. For our history hero cutout, we’ve given Nellie a pencil and writing pad to feature her place as the first female investigative journalist.

Interestingly, in most of Nellie’s shock journalism projects she took few notes, and instead relied on her memories and literary license. Nellie has become a symbol for woman everywhere of tenacity, particularly for those in journalism.  

The image was drawn by artist David Borzo with the use of Prisma color pencils.

You can print and paste Nellie’s image to firm cardboard or matt board to create your own stand-up history hero cutout. Display Nellie wherever you’d like a reminder that courage is within your grasp.