Pooped Idiom Printable Poster For Coloring

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Nothing beats the instant gratification of printable items such as this pooped idiom poster you can print directly from home. You can either leave the poster as is in eye-catching black and white or take to finding your Zen and color the design.

Place this custom-designed poster wherever you want to show off your word nerd and history prowess. This Storied Gifts Shop poster proves worthwhile with the following benefits:

  • Print-ready and easy: The design comes from our in-house artist David Borzo in a black and white layout that will provide a graphic pop (decidedly not poop) wherever you display it. And because we've kept the design in black and white, you won't suck up a lot of ink when you print it!
  • Relaxation fixation: The print is ready for coloring should you choose to pull out your colored pencils or markers and give it a whirl. Play some music or color with a friend for relaxing enjoyment.
  • Show off and share your trivia powers: The pooped out saying comes with a rich and interesting history. The poster is sure to spark conversation, and then you can do that factoid share that is always so gratifying.
  • Wordplay opportunity: Word nerds get it that words and sayings for any language are fascinating. In a world with so much unpleasant discussion, launch an engaging conversation about the history of speech and this idiom instead.


Over time idioms become a part of language, an abbreviated way of concisely and viscerally describing something, so it is easily understood by others who share the language.

Many of us use idioms almost without much thought, but it turns out every idiom has a past. You can get the full scoop on pooped out over at Grammarphobia, but today we use it to replace the adjective exhausted.

Enjoy your printable pooped poster and share it with those you love.

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