Printable Not Just Bookmarks and Book Record Sheets

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Whether you read voraciously or absorb books drip by drip, these Storied Gifts Not Just Bookmarks are designed to hold your place in a book AND remind you of all the written word you've consumed.

Become a more intentional reader! Storied Gifts bookmarks are for you if you suffer from reading and forgetting books and what you thought about them.

These printable bookmarks fit several to a sheet to print and place bookmarks in the book you are reading and stash one in each of the books you plan to read next.

What are the benefits of Storied Gifts Not Just Bookmarks?

  • Keep your spot in a book handy for when you can pick it up and read again.
  • Provide a place to track essential pages and reduce corner folds in your book.
  • From marginalia to bookmark-alia. The bookmark will either enhance your notetaking or help keep your book pristine.
  • Track your reading consumption with the bookmarks and the bookmark tracking sheet.
  • The bookmarks and tracking sheets are printable, so you can print more as you need them because you've got lots of reading you want to do!
  • The printables' black and white format won't waste your precious color printer ink.

The Storied Gifts Book Record will help you track your reading history for those who read their books digitally. These printable sheets can be added to your journal or printed and placed in a separate folder to review later.

Printing Ideas: We recommend you print the bookmarks on hearty cardstock so they can stand up to wear and tear. Or, if you want to apply the bookmark and your comments to the book you've read, try printing the bookmark fronts onto sticker paper to use a finished bookmark on the inside of the cover.