Usable and Confusable Black and White Bath Mat

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One of the most used spaces in your home is your bathroom. Make sure your respite there reflects your taste with this custom décor for logophiles. Our “Usable and Confusable Words” bathmat is based off our popular two-sided dictionary with words sure to entertain you while you rest.

  •   Comfy and useful: Whether you call it your restroom, comfort room, water closet, toilet, or loo, you can make more of your time there with this plush, 100% memory foam mat under your feet.


  •   Informative and entertaining: The design is awash with words often misconstrued or seldom-used that can embellish conversation. You’ll show how word savvy you are when you drop them casually into conversation. With words such as zizz, fard, and crapulous at your disposal, people might think you’re reduced to bathroom humor—but you’re truly showing your word prowess.

  • Constructed for safety: This word-filled bathmat does double-duty imparting language and keeping you safe and dry. Made of 100% Microfiber, the mat absorbs water fast and is constructed with an anti-slip backing which assures you finish up with both words and body intact.

The words harken from our Usable and Confusable dictionary comprised of rarely (if ever) used words on one side that sure ought to be. The other side of the dictionary tenders words people often think they understand but get all wrong.

The Usable and Confusable bathmat comes in two size 34x21, to meet your space requirements.

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