Usable and Confusable Shower Curtain

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It’s the little touches that make all the difference and turn your house into a home. The Usable and Confusable shower curtain will add beauty to your bathroom in timeless black or white design, while reflecting your good taste and word-nerd passion.

But you’re no average person. Lo, you’re a logophile and with this curtain displaying usable and confusable words (plus keeping the dictionary handy, too) you’ll drop them in polite conversation, to dazzle and titillate friends and family with your lively wordy repartee.

  • Entertaining and Informative: Emblazon your most intimate space with words full of fun and adventure. Make a game while you whistle and wash up (or whatever) with fun word games making sentences with words such as zizz, fard, and crapulous to brighten your day.
  • Constructed for safety: Constructed of 100% polyester, you’re a logophile who is practical about the stuff in your home.  This curtain has a gorgeous finish to drape your shower in luxury and the fabric retains its shape and dries quickly.
  • Easy Care: Designed with the standard 12 buttonholes for shower curtain rings (that are not included), this item is easy to wash in like colors and can be replaced to its hanging position to dry. 

The words harken from our Usable and Confusable dictionary comprised of rarely (if ever) used words on one side that sure ought to be. The other side of the dictionary tenders words people often think they understand but get all wrong. 

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