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See how much of a word nerd you truly are and prepare to be stumped with words you probably don't use every day. The game is comprised of uncommon and often confused words. featured in our Usable & Confusable dictionary

If you like word games, then Usable & Confusable – The Game is sure to be one you'll love to play with friends and family. It's printable, so you'll have your 95 cards right away to cut down to size.

Each card has a word and four possible definitions. If you select the correct definition, you win a point. If you guess right and use the word in a sentence, you win a second point. The person with the most points wins!

Usable & Confusable Guess comes with these benefits:

Instant & affordable: This is a printable game, so you'll print it from your home computer. (Printing instructions available on the cards to review before you print!) And since you print the game, you save money on the purchase.

Increase Your Word Prowess: As anyone who loves words knows, the more words you learn, the more you enjoy using them. The word list may surprise you with words you've not used before or ones you thought you knew.

Usable & Confusable – The Game is a word game for word lovers. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to your favorite word nerd.

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