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Words of Encouragement Journal and Planner

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The strongest source of encouragement—the kind that will bolster you to strive in difficult stretches—comes from within. This Words of Encouragement (WoE) Journal and Planner is designed to help you discover and cultivate your inner courage with personal conviction.


  • 52 journal prompts to target your thoughts and harness your strengths
  • 52 weeks of planning at a broad level
  • prints at 8.5x11 size 


When you harness your courage, you can override dulling painful fear that holds you back. We’re not talking about the fear that keeps you from doing things like wrestling with alligators, but the obnoxious fear that doesn’t serve you.

How would your life story unfold if you could acknowledge fear, put it in proper perspective, and feel bold enough to strive anyway?


And who doesn’t put pen to paper and start to find they think about things they want to accomplish? That’s why, in addition to each prompt the WoE journal provides a page to plan out your weekly goals and to dos on the adjoining page.

Consider the planner a place to itemize your weekly to do tasks or use it for the bigger visions you want to achieve. And be kind to know for those things that don’t make it to the finish line for one week, you can break the goals down into smaller bites for the next week as you journal and plan!

As you write in your WoE journal, we recommend you go back and read your thoughts now and then. Your WoE Journal can be most helpful when you go back and review those answers you jotted down. Over time, your answers become more valuable as you refine them.

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